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Sammy is the Suncoast Humane Society Pet of the Week

Sammy20161383BSub­mit­ted by Sun­coast Humane Society

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. – Meet Sammy, the Sun­coast Humane Society’s pet of the week.

Sammy is a 5-year-old Domes­tic Short­hair weigh­ing 14 pounds.  He has a soft, white coat and golden eyes. Sammy is much like Mighty in that he enjoys the com­pany of peo­ple of all ages as well as the com­pany of dogs. He’s been well trained, comes when called, can climb a bunk bed lad­der and can also open door latches.  He is a clas­si­cally curi­ous cat and an excel­lent hunter who will alert you to an intrud­ing spi­der or other unwanted bug.   Sammy, like most cats, feels com­fort­able in high places.  He has a very pleas­ant dis­po­si­tion and enjoys attention.

To meet Sammy, stop by the SHS Adop­tion Cen­ter at 6781 San Casa Drive. For more infor­ma­tion, call 941−474−7884.

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