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Englewood driver cited in pedestrian death

Sarasota County Sheriff's Office police cruisers fill the parkinENGLEWOOD, Fla. – An Engle­wood cyclist died Sun­day after being struck by a truck in the park­ing lot at 55 Indi­ana Ave., accord­ing to the Sara­sota County Sheriff’s Office.

Police are with­hold­ing the victim’s name pend­ing next of kin, and did not say what com­mu­nity he was from. The dri­ver of the truck, David Allen Schnei­der, 69, of Engle­wood was cited with care­less driving. 

Police say Schnei­der, dri­ving a 2006 Ford F150, was stopped at a stop sign in the park­ing lot as the bicy­clist trav­eled toward him. He pulled for­ward from the stop sign and struck the cyclist on the right side.

The vic­tim was taken to Engle­wood Hos­pi­tal. Alco­hol was not involved in the acci­dent, police say.

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