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Local restaurants getting scammed

Restaurants beware

Restau­rants beware

Sub­mit­ted by CCSO

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. – The Char­lotte County Sheriff’s Office recently received a com­plaint from a restau­rant owner that involved a pos­si­ble scheme to defraud. A local restau­rant owner advised that a man stated he was in the estab­lish­ment dur­ing a pre­vi­ous time and an employee of that restau­rant spilled food on him. As a result, he was forced to dry clean his cloth­ing. He pre­sented a bill for the clean­ing and the restau­rant owner wrote a check in that amount for compensation.

The restau­rant owner advised this per­son was enter­ing other restau­rants in the Venice and Engle­wood areas and mak­ing the same false claims.

The Char­lotte County Sheriff’s Office is inves­ti­gat­ing the inci­dent and would like to warn all busi­ness own­ers to be aware of this pos­si­ble scam and scams like this in order to pro­tect them­selves from becom­ing vic­tims of fraud.  If you have any infor­ma­tion about this inci­dent or other pos­si­ble crim­i­nal vio­la­tions, please con­tact the Char­lotte County Sheriff’s Office.

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