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June: A great month for formerly homeless cats (and dogs)

Lori and Luna.

Lori and Luna.

Sub­mit­ted by Sun­coast Humane Society

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. – June was National Adopt a Cat Month, and the Sun­coast Humane Soci­ety cel­e­brated by low­er­ing adop­tion fees to $10 for the entire month.The com­mu­nity responded in a big way

After adopting Luna in June, Lori and her family went back less than two weeks later to adopt the kitten, Tommy.

After adopt­ing Luna in June, Lori and her fam­ily went back less than two weeks later to adopt the kit­ten, Tommy.

SHS found new homes for 44 cats who were stay­ing at the San Casa Drive adop­tion cen­ter or at one of four local satel­lite locations.

And, while the push was on to place the kit­ties, there were 29 dogs that local adopters couldn’t resist.

For more infor­ma­tion or to learn about adopt­able pets, con­tact Sun­coast Humane Soci­ety at 941−474−7884, visit www.humane.org, or stop by the adop­tion cen­ter at 6781 San Casa Drive, Englewood.






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