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Cat adoption fees reduced to $10 during National Adopt-a-Cat Month

Suncoast Humane Society is offering special adoption fees for cats through the month of June.

Sun­coast Humane Soci­ety is offer­ing spe­cial adop­tion fees for cats through the month of June.

Sub­mit­ted by Sun­coast Humane Society

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. – To help cel­e­brate Adopt a Cat Month, Sun­coast Humane Soci­ety is offer­ing spe­cial adop­tion fees through the end of June. Instead of the nor­mal adop­tion fee of $85 plus $12 rabies vac­cine fee, adop­tion fees for felines will be reduced to $10 plus $12 rabies vac­cine fee.

We are in that time of year when it seems to be rain­ing cats and dogs again,” said Exec­u­tive Direc­tor Phil Sny­der. “This year, dur­ing the month of June, we have over 39 felines avail­able for adop­tion, with another 78 being eval­u­ated and pre­pared for their turn. If you and your fam­ily are con­sid­er­ing a new pet, please give a shel­ter pet a sec­ond chance at life.”

You can view all pets that are up for adop­tion by vis­it­ing them online www.humane.org or by stop­ping by their Engle­wood facil­ity or any of their many local satel­lite adop­tion centers.

For more infor­ma­tion about the home­less pets avail­able for adop­tion at your Sun­coast Humane Soci­ety, or to learn how you can sup­port their mis­sion to “reduce the num­ber of home­less ani­mals and improve the qual­ity of life,” call 941−474−7884, visit the web­site www.humane.org or stop by the Adop­tion Cen­ter at 6781 San Casa Drive in Englewood.

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