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Rotonda West Woman’s Club wraps up with celebration

Rotonda West Woman's Club members celebrate their 42nd anniversary. Surrounding the cake are current officers Mary Lyons, Recording Secretary; Marcia Budday, Corresponding Secretary; Laura Wine, Club President; Rachele Adler, 2nd Vice President; Posey Bauer, 1st Vice President; Claudette Romano, Parlimentarian; Susan Kiray, Assistant Treasurer; and Pennie Rasmussen,Treasurer.

Rotonda West Woman’s Club mem­bers cel­e­brate their 42nd anniver­sary. Sur­round­ing the cake are cur­rent offi­cers Mary Lyons, Record­ing Sec­re­tary; Mar­cia Bud­day, Cor­re­spond­ing Sec­re­tary; Laura Wine, Club Pres­i­dent; Rachele Adler, 2nd Vice Pres­i­dent; Posey Bauer, 1st Vice Pres­i­dent; Claudette Romano, Par­li­men­ta­r­ian; Susan Kiray, Assis­tant Trea­surer; and Pen­nie Rasmussen,Treasurer.

ROTONDA WEST, Fla. – The GFWC Rotonda West Woman’s Club recently wrapped up its sea­son with a cel­e­bra­tion of the club’s 42nd anniver­sary. In addi­tion, schol­ar­ships for con­tin­u­ing edu­ca­tions were pre­sented to Can­dice Cavi­ness, Diana Zett, Deva Bal­lan­tyne, Judy Davids.

The club will resume activ­i­ties in the fall.

Carol Louisgnan (left) presents the continuing education scholarships to local women who are returning to school. Recipients are Candice Caviness, Diana Zett, Deva Ballantyne, Judy Davids.

Carol Louis­g­nan (left) presents the con­tin­u­ing edu­ca­tion schol­ar­ships to local women who are return­ing to school. Recip­i­ents are Can­dice Cavi­ness, Diana Zett, Deva Bal­lan­tyne, Judy Davids.


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