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Blank ATM cards are illegal malware

Ken Kleinlein

Ken Klein­lein

By Ken Klein­lein
Crime Scene

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. – My edi­tor sent me infor­ma­tion on blank ATM cards. I ini­tially assumed it was a con game to get cash from vic­tims. How­ever, inves­ti­ga­tion revealed it is really an attempt to steal money from bank ATM machines. In some cases, when vic­tims send money to par­tic­i­pate they never hear from the crooks again.

This email showed up to my edi­tor in November:

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Crooks go to any length to cheat an ATM out of its cash. Hack­ing an ATM is becom­ing shock­ingly easy. The Secu­rity firm Kasper­sky Labs has found a flaw in cash machines that allows crim­i­nals to steal money by enter­ing a series of dig­its on the keypad.

The mal­ware, called “Backdoor.MSIL.Tyupkin,” has affected at least 50 ATM’s, allow­ing hack­ers to with­draw hun­dreds of dol­lars with­out need­ing a debit or credit card.

Prior to steal­ing money, tar­geted machines are infected with mali­cious soft­ware using the ATM’s CD drive. To do this, crim­i­nals need phys­i­cal access to the ATM.

Once the ATM is infected with mal­ware, the crim­i­nals enter a spe­cial code into the key­pad that reveals the amount of money in the machine. A sec­ond PIN code is then used to dis­pense the cash by unlock­ing the machine. The machine will issue cash to any­one with the cor­rect code.

This clever mal­ware con­ceals itself and becomes active at a spe­cific time of night. The PIN code is ran­domly gen­er­ated by an algo­rithm at a remote loca­tion. With­out this code, nobody can inter­act with the infected ATM or only the per­son respon­si­ble for infect­ing the ATM can steal the money.

Do not get involved in this scam. You can lose the cash you send, or, when the banks learn how to inter­dict this lar­ceny and the iden­tity of the par­tic­i­pants, you could face crim­i­nal charges.

Home Inva­sion Burglary

The Sara­sota County Sheriff’s Office arrested three peo­ple in con­nec­tion with a bur­glary at a Sara­sota home while a 16-year-old girl was inside.

Deputies were called to a home on Founders Club Drive by the teen, who said a woman was look­ing in the win­dows while some­one else was repeat­edly knock­ing on the door. While on the phone with 911, the girl saw the sec­ond sus­pect wear­ing gloves and try­ing to enter the home through the rear lanai.

The women, Renata Mendez and Aniela Rapacin­ska, ran to a wait­ing black Chevro­let SUV dri­ven by Adam Borowski. They were appre­hended and charged with Bur­glary of an Occu­pied Dwelling and Acces­sory to Burglary.

They uti­lized the modus operandi of orga­nized groups that typ­i­cally travel through­out Florida for the sole pur­pose of com­mit­ting thefts, bur­glar­ies and related crimes. The groups are from out of state and usu­ally arrive in our area between Novem­ber and May.

A dri­ver in a rented vehi­cle drops off two or three females to break into homes. Once inside the women take jew­elry and other valu­ables and meet the dri­ver at a pre­de­ter­mined loca­tion to make their getaway.

Sus­pects will knock on the front door to deter­mine if the res­i­dents are home. If some­one answers they explain they are look­ing for a lost dog or ask for directions.

Should you come into con­tact with these or sim­i­lar indi­vid­u­als, call 911 immediately.

Take care, be care­ful, and I’ll see you at the next Crime Scene.

God bless and pro­tect our mil­i­tary, law enforce­ment, fire fight­ers, and EMT’s.

Ken Klein­lein is a for­mer NYPD spe­cial frauds squad detec­tive coor­di­nat­ing with fed­eral, state, and local law enforce­ment and accred­ited secu­rity firms on mat­ters of crime pre­ven­tion and pub­lic information.

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