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14 Englewood residents charged in South County warrant sweep

Sub­mit­ted by Sara­sota Co. Sheriff’s Office

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. – The Sara­sota County Sheriff’s Office charged 17 peo­ple Wednes­day as part of a tar­geted search for sus­pects who sold heroin, cocaine, metham­phet­a­mine and pre­scrip­tion drugs to nar­cotics detec­tives in recent months.

Final Arrest Report 04292015

Four­teen of those charged were Engle­wood res­i­dents, accord­ing to SCSO records. Six sus­pects were liv­ing in the woods behind a busi­ness on South Indi­ana Avenue.

Fol­low­ing sev­eral under­cover drug buys, Spe­cial Inves­ti­ga­tions Sec­tion Detec­tives obtained war­rants for these street level deal­ers in south Sara­sota County. The 17 defen­dants face 41 felony charges and three mis­de­meanors for crimes includ­ing Sale of Metham­phet­a­mine within 1,000 feet of a Day­care, Sale of Heroin, Sale of Hydro­mor­phone and Pos­ses­sion of a Firearm by a Con­victed Felon. Addi­tional arrests are pending.

These defen­dants have a com­bined 116 prior felony charges and 118 prior mis­de­meanor charges. Three sus­pects are Pro­lific Offend­ers in Sara­sota County. All three are from Englewood:

  • • Wal­ter Bush­man, 39, 151 S. Indi­ana Ave. (in woods behind building)
  • • Joseph Vine, 40, 151 S. Indi­ana Ave. (in woods behind building)
  • • Thomas Solomon, 41, 321 E. Dear­born St.

Three of the Engle­wood sus­pects are being held in Char­lotte County await­ing transfer:

  • • Tawney Postal, 23, 10517 San­drift Ave.
  • • Michelle Gre­gory, 35, 320 Old Engle­wood Road
  • • Alexan­dra Bar­rett, 26, 30 Strat­ford Road

Another sus­pect, Lawrence Fer­gu­son, 32, 320 Old Engle­wood Road, is being held in Virginia.

The other Engle­wood sus­pects charged are:

  • • Venus Barn­hard, 43, 215 W. Cowles St.
  • • Charles Ander­son, 27, 600 Old Engle­wood Road
  • • Richard Met­zner, 49, 675 Edwards St.
  • • David Vet­ere, 52, 675 Edwards St.
  • • Todd Par­tridge, 23, 50 Orange St.
  • • Jerry Mar­shall, 32, 509 Har­vard St.
  • • Cas­sidy Keefe, 30, 100 S. Indi­ana Ave.

These peo­ple are deal­ing drugs in Venice, Nokomis and Engle­wood neigh­bor­hoods where law abid­ing cit­i­zens shouldn’t have to be exposed to crim­i­nal activ­ity,” said Sher­iff Tom Knight. “These arrests also pro­tect prop­erty val­ues and aid busi­ness own­ers whose liveli­hoods suf­fer when drug deals are tak­ing place nearby.”

See the Engle­wood Edge Sara­sota County Arrests report (with bond infor­ma­tion) by click­ing here.


A map of the sweep, with mug shots. Clickto enlarge.

A map of the sweep, with mug shots. Clickto enlarge.



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