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Good tidings for cat, owner

Katelynn Katzman picks up a carrier full of happy kitty -- Babycakes, 15, was going home to her original owner, steve Varner, after spending a year at Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

Kate­lynn Katz­man picks up a car­rier full of happy kitty — Baby­cakes, 15, was going home to her orig­i­nal owner, Steve Varner, after spend­ing a year at Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

Kate­lynn Katz­man picked up a sur­prise Christ­mas present for her boyfriend Sat­ur­day: his cat.

Steve Varner had been forced to give up Baby­cakes a year ago when he lost his home. For­tu­nately, the elderly ani­mal had a place to go: Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

Varner missed her so much that he was one of the few for­mer own­ers to check in on his cat, even know­ing she was safe.

He actu­ally came to visit her and then he just couldn’t do it any­more,” Puffy Paws owner Rick Kingston said.

Varner also sent a check for $50.

Kingston and his wife, Chrissy, occa­sion­ally agree not to try and adopt an ani­mal out of the no-kill haven. The pol­icy paid off for 15-year-old Baby­cakes, who now gets to go back to her human.

It makes me so happy,” Chrissy Kingston said, after hand­ing Baby­cakes over. “You have no idea. It’s just so gratifying.”

The pass-off hap­pened off the Kingston’s prop­erty, due to zon­ing regulations.

The Kingstons have another suc­cess story: Tater was recently reunited with her owner after nine months of sep­a­ra­tion. Her owner had vol­un­teered at Puffy Paws and was forced to leave Florida in search of a den­tal tech­ni­cian job. She drove down from Geor­gia just to get her cat.

Although many peo­ple are tear­ful when they drop off their cat, often promis­ing to come back and get them, it’s an unusual story.

Most of the time it’s really sad,” Rick Kingston said. “… It’s really self­less, they know they can’t take care of the kitty.”

He said peo­ple feel bet­ter after see­ing where the cat is going.

When you leave the cat with us, there’s going to be a sigh of relief,” he said.

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