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Photo gallery

From "Life has changed at Puffy Paws"


Some of the tabbies catch a sunray in this archive photo.

Some of the tab­bies catch a sun­ray in this archive photo.

The story Life has changed at Puffy Paws was also linked to the following pictures.

  • Puffy Paws Kitty Haven owner Rick Kingston cuddles one of his kitties in this archive photo.
  • Cats at the Haven find time for cat naps in this archive photo.
  • Friendships are common between felines, as shown in this archive photo.
  • Puffy Paws owner Rick Kingston doles out some treats in this archive photo.
  • Rick Kingston, Puffy Paws owner, nuzzles one of his feline friends in this archive photo.
  • A Puffy Paws resident is joined by some less-animated friends in this archive photo.
  • Puffy Paws Kitty Haven sits on a corner in a residential neighborhood.
  • Paffy Paws owner Rick Kingston thinks his recently arrived trash bin might have spurred the anonymous complaint.

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